「Joystick Switch」 FJH04K

“FJH04K” Hall Effect Joystick from Favor Electronics features a compact size, longer lifespan, increased precision, and greater durability.


Product Features/Applications:

The Hall Effect joystick utilizes the Hall Effect to detect the position of the joystick. The Hall Effect refers to the creation of a perpendicular current within a conductor when a magnetic field passes through it. In the context of the Hall Effect joystick, a small Hall element is integrated. As the joystick moves, it generates a magnetic field, which is detected by the Hall element, producing an electrical signal. This signal is utilized for easier control in various fields such as gaming, medical, and industrial applications.

By employing the Hall element, the Hall Effect joystick offers an extended lifespan and enhanced precision, enabling more accurate operations.

Moreover, the sensitivity and response time of the Hall Effect joystick are significantly improved, allowing for quicker responses to user inputs.

The durability of the Hall Effect joystick is also heightened, enabling its operation even in harsher environmental conditions.





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