「Roller Switch」 FSC120-04-J/05-J|FMD120

Favor Electronics is pleased to share with you the following: FSC120-04-J | FSC120-05-J | FMD120


Favor Roller Switch is a versatile electronic switch device that controls the circuit’s on/off state or parameter values by rotating a roller or knob. It is commonly used to adjust parameters such as volume, brightness, frequency, speed, etc., in electronic devices, and can also be applied to control the position or speed of mechanical devices.

In the context of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) or drones, a Favor Roller Switch can be employed to control specific functions or parameters during flight. These Roller Switches are typically designed on the remote controller, allowing operators to easily manipulate various settings throughout the flight process.


Roller Switch  FSC120-04-J


Roller Switch  FSC120-05-J


Roller Switch  FMD120


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