「Joystick Switch」 FJP04K

Favor Electronics is pleased to announce the official launch of our new product, the Joystick Switch FJP04K!


FJP04K joystick switch boasts compact dimensions and features an integrated switch, making it suitable for a wide range of joystick applications. With multiple accompanying switches, the FJP04K allows for versatile interconnections and the realization of multifunctionality. Beyond addressing current needs, the FJP04K joystick switch represents our commitment to future technologies and personalized services.

We firmly believe in providing unique experiences for everyone, which is why we are dedicated to delivering customized solutions. This dedication stems from our belief that everyone deserves tailor-made experiences, and this is the driving force behind our commitment to personalized solutions.


Product Features:

  • Ultra-compact size of 14.03mm * 13.7mm
  • Built-in switch functionality
  • Soft board design



  • Joystick adjustment or corresponding functions in the gaming industry
  • Precision quantitative stacking in medical equipment
  • Directional control in unmanned aerial vehicles (drones)



Electrical Characteristics:

Resistance Range:  5KΩ~100KΩ
Resistance Tolerance:  ± 30%
Resistance Linearity: B linear
Rated Power: Linear B: 0.0125W
Voltage Withstand: AC 250V for one minute
Insulation Resistance: Above 100MΩ at DC 250V for one minute
Rated Voltage:  DC 5.0V

Mechanical Characteristics:

Operation Direction: Cyclical operation
Stop Strength: 3Kgf.cm or more for 3 seconds
Operation Angle:  46°
Push-Pull Strength: Push: 98N or more for 3 seconds, Pull: 50N or more for 3 seconds Operating Force Distance: 7±5/-3mN.mf
Operating Force Distance:  7±5/-3mN.mf
Return Accuracy:  ±5°

Durability Characteristics:

Operational Lifespan: 2 million cycles

Tactile Switch Characteristics:

Rated Power:  12 V DC, 5mA
Operating Force Distance:  6±2.5N
Travel:  0.35+0.5/-0.25mm
Operational lifespan 5000,000 次





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