Electronica 2022 Post-Show Sharing

—– Electronica 2022 Post-Show Sharing —–

The electronica exhibition in Munich, Germany, held every two years, is the world’s largest professional exhibition of electronic components. The manufacturers of the exhibition came from all over the world. More than 2,000 manufacturers participated in the exhibition, focusing on consumer electronics and automotive electronics products – one of the top events in the electronics industry.

Favor went to Germany to participate in the Munich electronic exhibition in November 2022 last year. Favor participated in a four-day event to find target customers and increase brand awareness, and in the end we completed the goal before departure : provided a variety of products in the exhibition hall to assist customers with various needs.

During the exhibition period, the most frequently asked products were divided into three items: 1. Variable resistors, 2. Thick film printing, 3. Joysticks, such statistics allowed us understand the current market demand, and to continue improve our products.

Favor’s booth was not the largest, but we stood there proudly, because we have confidence in our products and we believe customers feels the same.

Date 2022/11/15 (Thu) – 18 (Sun)
Place Bayerwaldstraße 29, 81737 München Munich, Germany
Exhibition Products PotentiometersSensorsJoysticksEncodersSwitchesCarbon Printing、PCBA、Laser Trimmer、TACT Switch、Heating Product、Customized products

—– Activity Photos—–

Event URL:https://electronica.de/en/