Joystick Introduction

At present, remote sensing is used in many product applications. The joystick is an input device, which usually transmits angle or direction signals to the device it controls. Modern joysticks are mainly used to manipulate video games, usually with one or more buttons. The state of the button can also be recognized by the computer.

The joystick is divided into three categories based on the theme of this time, Gaming, aerial shooting, AR/VR
•Motherboard 1. Excellent operating feel, no bouncing in all directions of movement, most suitable for fingertip operation 2. Use with TactSwitch This product is more suitable for the needs of users.

•Aerial shooting 1.100% customized structure 2.Double independent torsion spring structure 3.X & Y are isolated from each other

•AR/VR conforms to ergonomics, full grip and 360 thin and no dead angle position tracking.

Our remote sensing is everywhere, no matter it is medical , industry, all involved. Of course, there are also electronic and mechanical characteristic tests, and we pay special attention to the characteristics that customers are most concerned about, especially the accuracy of the static position. We also proved that our structure has precise accuracy and minimal dead zone through test results. You are very welcome to have any customized needs, you can find our. company to develop together.