Advance to State Three Industrial Zone, Hanoi Province, Vietnam

Our goal and mission is to become the top electronics manufacturer, which has always been part of Favor Electronics sustainable business. In order to improve high-efficiency productivity, we have expanded to Vietnam in 2020, with the trend of supply chain moving towards South East Asia, Favor has increased production sites in Vietnam. To assist customers to establish a strategic position in the regional supply chain and have tariff advantages and cost competitiveness to create a new win-win situation.

In order to improve and optimize products and services, Favor continues to refine process technology and equipment, from the purchase of raw materials to product manufacturing and sales, our products self-made rate is as high as 97%. In the future, the production capacity and yield will be improved, and the configuration of the production line will be optimized. As well as greatly improved production flexibility, to provide high-quality products and services.